Why Am I Angry At Myself? Why Do I Want Hurt Myself? Why Am I Scared Of Almost Everyone?


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I hate to say it, but you are the only one who can truly answer this question. If it's real bad, then I suggest you see someone about it such as a psychiatrist, psychologist, or a counselor. Someone you trust who can help you through your problems. Everyone at times feels bad, upset, or even angry at them selves, if they tell you other wise they are lying. It's a part of life. You need to decide if it is a normal reaction to something in your life, stress, anxiety or something else, and alleviate that problem that is causing it. But, the best way like I said, is to see someone about it. Someone who you can confide in, trust, and talk to openly. Getting help is a good thing, positive thing, and a good way of learning how to express yourself. A way of letting out the stress in your life. When you can finally do this, you will see that you have opened a door to a whole new world. It's pretty great. Trust in your self, get help, and you will find the answers to your question.
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You  Need To Realize That Sometimes People.. Disappoint You; And Life Isn't Fair... No One Is Better Than You... No One Is Perfect.. We Just Try To Do Our Best.. Talk To Someone Older Who You Respect... You Really Should Not Damage, Yourself You Will Make People Worry Over You
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Maybe someone previously upset you or wronged you  so you take it out on yourself because you might feel powerless to the person you are truly mad at. I'm not judging you this is simply from things I've learnt if you need anyone to talk to then just say and I'll help as best I can :0
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Sounds like because of past situations you have anxiety. Talk to someone its not a disease & you deserve to live happy.
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Maybe something happened in the past tht you are remembering nw and its hurting you....  And maybe people have hurt you in the past so your scared of people hurting you again..
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It sounds like self abuse, timid of everyone, so why are you angry at your self?
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The symptom sounds almost like anxiety and depression which do walk hand in hand. What sometimes helps is to ask yourself what happened in your life to make you feel that way. And gove a yes or no answer....once you have the answer, it really is liberating because often it's something you can deal with.

Here is my version (I had to do this about 2 weeks ago when I was out of sorts and angry): Is it work? No. Is it family? Maybe, Okay, we have a maybe. Is is my husband? Not this time. OK that leaves my kid. Is it her? Maybe. Well, we have another maybe. Is it her boyfriend? No. Is it her work? No. Is it her school grades, yes!! Now, I have something concrete to deal with rather then wondering what has me upset.

Also, it does help to talk to someone. Actually speaking your problems aloud, will really get them into perspective.

Hugs, Mum
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You are feeling insecure. You feel no one loves you and you don't think you're as good as anyone else. You always have to remember that you are not better than anyone else but also that nobody else is better than you.  You're young probably having changes happening in your body and maybe young hormones kicking in. I'll be most of your friends are going through the same things but don't talk about it and you feel that they're normal and you're not.  Maybe you could talk to a councillor at school or an older girl who's been through what you're experiencing now. You want to hurt your self because you don't like you. If you want to do something go somewhere away from home in an isolated space and just YELL at the top of your lungs, curse yourself, call yourself every name in the book and get some of that anger out.  But don't try hurting yourself physically, you may do something you will be very sorry for years down the road. I know you're going to get mad at me but try talking to MUM don't be afraid and OPEN UP to her.
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Coldplace, before I say anything at all about your problem, let me say that I do care about you.  You seem to be a young person that is incapable of handling something in your life.  That "something" is causing you not only mental problems but if you are hurting yourself or plan to or have in the past, physical ones as well.  By asking this question you are calling out for help.  Coldplace, we can not help you.  You must help yourself by reaching out to someone in your family or a professional that is trained to help people such as yourself.  We can offer you friendship but we can not do what must be done (counseling) to help you overcome this depressing, dark place you are in.  Quit wasting your time with us.  You are in immediate need of help - when you begin talking about hurting yourself, it has gone waaay beyond anything we can say here to help you.  You are a valuable person, please allow someone to help you discover that fact.  Get help ASAP.
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I am not sure , sometimes I experience what you mentioned above. But I would recommend you to talk to someone , it doesn't have to be a counselor , just someone from your family who has an inquisitive mind. Same thing happened to my big cousin when she was younger , but I was always ready to counsel her , I put on my counselling mode and asked her questions. She's fine now. Hope this helps.
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I don't know. Maybe something happened in your life.  I would talk to a therapist. I wish you best of luck.

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