When I Put On My Panties, I Like Pink. Is That Wierd?


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  1. I like pink too. I think that whatever is underneath your clothes is your business. Who cares what someone else thinks or doesn't think
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Got to agree i luv pink too, then again i just luv my panties, comfort factor for me
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Hi  I love satin panties also  and also like the colar pink but it is hard to find. I don't think it is weird at all.
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Hun i promise that you are normal i think pink is very hot and enjoy them also , but then of course as long as they are sexy sily and nice i love then all but pink is my favorite also
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PASSION PINK! They dont call it that for nothing.With black lace you have it made,lace around the leg in stead of elastic lets your lady friend take it out when its all throben hard and take advantage of it. Whats nice is a soft wet towel when shes done wiping it off, it goes in for round two! Its something only a few women know this, and 3 times believe me im wore out. And so is she.
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No that isn't wierd, I like pink panties too.  But then I like other colours as well, including red, black, yellow, including white, with lace.  The panties I choose to wear each day or picked to suit my mood ... Even if I am wearing dull clothes, wearing sexy panties still lets me feel sexy.
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So when you put on your panties thy make you like pink... Weird!!
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I also like pink panties in different styles. They look so feminine to me in that color.

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