My Boyfriend Has A Major Control Problem,he Told Me One Time "If I Can't Have You No One Can" What's That Mean?


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And it should have freaked you out! The implications of that statement are threatening to your safety. This question, in addition to the others you have posted regarding your lack of trust, feeling like you are being used are red flags you need to pay attention to. Why would you want to be in a relationship that places you in the position to be fearful and insecure? Don't let this person think he has control over you. That is not love. It sounds like he needs professional help and you need to protect yourself from him. Don't ignore the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship. Take action while you can. Get help from family, friends and law enforcement before his threat materializes.
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You're right to be freaked out. Saying something like that, say's that he is very controlling and insecure and that it will only get worse. I think the best thing for you to do, is to get as far away from him as you possibly can, as soon as you can. If he asks you to come back or tells you he's sorry, don't believe him. He is already abusing you verbally and physical abuse is bound to come next, if you stay. Good Luck!
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Hi,I'm in a similar situation,mines isolated me from people,tells people I follow him around when its him that calls the shots,has a go at me for not getting through my driving test but goes out of his way to hinder me practising and getting to my lessons,I was offered work a while back but theres no buses there so he told them people hed drop me off and pick me up but as soon as we were on our own said he didnt have the time and I was far to needy and demanding,then he tells people I'm lazy and wont do any work,he scares me,hes so unpredictable,I moved over 600 miles to be with him and have no friends here as such I did make a couple of friends but he went out of his way to stop it.hes pushed me and shoved me a few times,I'm scared of him,but I'm also scared of what he would do if I finished it,ive been told he would make my life hell and would even kill my pets to get back at me.I can't afford to move away and to be honest I like it here.but my confidence is so low.the stupid thing is I'm in my 40's and don't know how I got into this mess and can't see anyway out.
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It means he's crazy. I was in a relationship like that and I left him. He use to hit me when he gets mad and even spit in my face. I for gave him to much times and I was sick and tired of being involved with him. I just broke up with him one day because he was just getting on my nerves and I already feel happier. Free At last.I feel that I wasnt dumb I was just weak and scared and I shouldnt be.
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Maybe he thinks he loves you so much he doesn't want anyone to take you away from him that 1 thing he might have meant

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