My Boyfriend Wants Me To Dress Up As A Schoolgirl. Is This Normal Or Is He A Pervert?


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Although it might seem slightly unusual to you, the 'sexy schoolgirl' outfit is something of a sexual fantasy cliché. In this respect, your boyfriend is fairly normal.

Schoolgirl fantasy

It may seem slightly worrying that your boyfriend gets turned on seeing you dressed as a teenage girl, but I can assure you that the appeal has less to do with young girls and more to do with the psychology of sex.

One reason your boyfriend might like the idea of you dressed as a schoolgirl is because he finds the outfit symbolic of someone who is submissive and timid.

In this sense, maybe you wearing a schoolgirl outfit reinforces that 'big, strong man' feeling in your partner.

If you feel uncomfortable wearing a schoolgirl outfit, perhaps you could try out an outfit that has a similar effect (for example a French Maid).

Men's schoolgirl fantasies

Other reasons your boyfriend might find the image of a schoolgirl appealing are the following:

  • Maybe he is reliving his younger days and releasing some of the sexual frustration he felt as a teenager
  • Perhaps he had positive sexual experiences at school that he associates the uniform with
  • Maybe he likes the ideas of being playful and bubbly that a schoolgirl embodies (and are also big turn-ons in adults).
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It's a power play and most sexual fantasies are about power. It's normal in a male to want to dominate and by being an Innocent schoolgirl (pretending) he feels he has dominated you.

Also a virgin fantasy maybe that he wants again to feel like the only one, all-powerful, dominating male with a submissive female. It gets his testosterone pumping.

As long as the domination is not taken too far it actually will only release his protective instincts for you. Any fantasies are just a play in most cases and don't mean that the person actually wants to fulfill them. That's why they are a fantasy and not fact.

If he was doing this for real, he wouldn't need to ask you to play it out with him. As long as it doesn't become obsessive there is nothing to worry about.
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Perfectly normal - it's nothing to do with schoolgirls as such but just that the pleated school skirts they wear are just so sexy.
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Haha, I think it's cute. As long as it doesn't bother you, it's a lot of fun. Sometimes sex can become predictable and this is a completely normal and fun way to spice things up.
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The answer is very simple:

As it was said above, men start feeling sexual desires in their early 10s; and during those times most girls they know are outfitted in school  mini-skirts where they boast their developing legs (not sure why schools allow such outfits).

This turns-on any male at any age, but when teenagers, these desires cannot be fullfilled (well, they can, but it would be very difficult) and that leads mens kind of keep that unfullfilled wish.

Once grown-up, they're of course mature enough to know that it would be damaging to make sex to a true innocent schoolgirl, and they don't necessarily want that (unless they're indeed pervert or pedophile, which is a different topic here); but looking at a sexy schoolgirl brings them back their unfullfilled desireds of his own teenage days, and turns him on again.

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There is absolutely no sex fantasy known to man that is unhealthy as long as both participants agree to it.
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This is a common fantasy, I will explain what I believe to be the root of it and further explain why it is not perverse, but perhaps why it doesn't help your intimate life or your boyfriend's mental state.

Firstly, it is a very common fantasy, p-o-r-n often plays on it.

I thoroughly believe that men do not want the schoolgirl in the way we might think, it is not a hankering for a teenage girl, instead it is a hankering after what was not achieved in the adolescence of the male.

I would be surprised if those who had sex lives during their school days actually had these fantasies at all because they were often successful, whereas those who were not, still want them.

Why do I think this? It is because that the strongest urges and feelings of hormone enduced sexuality occurred at the moment when the male could least actually get any sexual contact. This leaves him with a desire he cannot fill.

I feel that this desire does not actually leave. He doesn't want a schoolgirl, he wants you fulfil an old desire which the schoolgirl outfit fulfils for him.

Lastly, the reason I think it is unhealthy is that he must get past this desire and he must make love to you, not a schoolgirl from his past.
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I have my wife dress up as a schoolgirl as much as I can get her to, which is about 3 times a year. I did have a sex life during my school days so this completely negates your opinion on this matter. I just love the look and the clothes turn me on. I do agree, though, I do not have a desire to have relations with an actual school girl.
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My boyfriend likes me to dress up as a school girl and i love doing it too, it gets him really horny and makes his sex better

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