My Boyfriend Talks About My Butt, A Lot, How Hot It Is, And When He Walks By Me He Stares Longer Than He Should, Grabs, Slaps, All Those Things. Why Is He So Obsessed? Is This Normal?


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My boyfriend is kind of the same actually. All his attention seems to be aimed at my bum. Although at times its kinda annoying and hurtful when I try and get him to notice other things about me and he just dosnt. I think its just men, I really do. All men have a fetish for something on the female body, and I guess our boyfriends are bum lovers. Weird and annoying at times maybe yes, but I don't think its abnormal, id say its normal.
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Unless you don't mind him doing that (and it sure sounds as if you DO mind), order - yes, ORDER - him to stop the grabs and slaps immediately. If he doesn't, dump him.
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Sounds a little above normal to me.
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I do not think this is normal. It is an obsession, and I think it is wrong for boys/men to treat their girlfriends that way. Aren't their other good qualities about you besides your backside that he can look at? What about your good personality? Or pretty face? Does he think about those things? I think it is abnormal for boys to obsess over one part of your body. I take that back. The way guys are today, it is normal. But that doesn't mean its right.
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I think he is obsessed because that part is the part that most guys look at so its not really an obsession. I think it is normal for him to do those things but as longest he doesnt do it in public!!!!!!

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