Why do my man erect fast when we have sex and he only 22 i mean the sex be banging than what the only time he last longer is when he get those pills that make him last longer out the store i mean what's wrong is it me turning him on to much?


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Your man don't need any pills to last longer, all he need to do is get that 1st nut out of tha way, cause that one will bust before you relize. And after you got tha 1st nut out tha way then he should be able to last longer,
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Well how long did he last banging you? But to hold it longer you just do this you take your balls in your hand and press them down and with two fingers you press on the head of your penis. The head of the penis between your tumb and your middle and point finger and press. Do that a few times and he's ready to go again.

I hope you understand it and that it's going to help you!

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