My Boyfriend Is 'hot And Cold" One Day He Cant Stop Texting Me Then Some Days He Act Like Its A Chore To Text Me.. What Does This Mean And What Should I Do?


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shikira pressley Profile
I have the same issue.

It's not easy, but what I do is reflect back what he does so that he knows how it feels when he most expects me to call him or text him etc.  It makes him ask me why I don't call/text him and I tell him because it hurts when he doesn't do the same for me when I expect or need him to let me know how he feels (this informs him that you can also be hot and cold) if he chooses to be this way with you.

Sometimes this can also create a bigger emotional distance in a relationship if he or you both play hard to get in this way too often though.  Men like to miss their women so being busy at times when he doesn't want you to be, is one sure way of getting him to text and call you more often to reassure you that he does love and miss you.  If he is low on good self-esteem, then build his ego up and tell him great things and what it is about him that makes being with you so good - some men need just as much attention as women! - but never give all of your time and self to him even though you want to because if you give all to him; he will take this for granted and lose sight of what a fantastic person you are.

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