If Your Son Wants A Sex Change And His Therapist Suggests Allowing Him To Try Dressing As A Girl This Summer, Would You Allow Him To? If So, How Feminine Would You Permit Him To Look?


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Sounds to me like you are both going through a difficult time coming to terms with the implications of your son's sexuality. I would recommend that you not worry too much about exactly what your son chooses to wear, but rather focus on communicating with your son and opening up a dialogue about what you are both feeling.

My son wants a sex change!

There are various factors that will affect the relationship between parent and son when it comes down to views on sexual identity.

Some parents might be able to accept and love their son regardless of whether he wants to be a man, woman or turnip.

For most of us though, our views on sexuality will be heavily influenced by everything from the social environment we grew up in, through to our own Freudian relationship with our parents.

What I'm trying to say is that, just as there isn't anything wrong with your son wanting to explore his feminine side, there's nothing wrong with you feeling anything from awkwardness to sheer terror.
The key is to remember that, regardless of everything, your relationship with your son is what is most important.

How to dress my sex change son

In this context, I'd suggest that you sit down and discuss the issue of clothing with your son. Explain to him that you'll try and support his decision to try wearing feminine attire, but also put across your reservations in a calm and non-confrontational manner. Making your son feel like he can open up and discuss this issue with you will help both of you.

Perhaps you could spend time shopping for clothes or looking at magazines together. This will allow you to bond, and will make sure he doesn't go overboard and make you feel uncomfortable with his fashion choices. If you disagree on an item of clothing, try suggesting an alternative item. This will encourage you to approach the situation in a more positive and parental way.
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Talk to your son in private.  Explain to him that if he has the operation it CANNOT be reversed.

Most younger boys don't really realize what they want, that is why sex change ops are not done until the person has become an adult. 

Yes, you should let him dress as a girl. Dresses and skirts, panties and if old enough proper bras,  NO pants (male or female).  It is like saturation therapy.  Allow appropriate make-up and get his hair styled in a neutral metrosexual style.  There are styles that are similar for both genders. 

Just remember to support his decisions, suicide is prevalent among those who are forced to suppress their femininity.  I know this to be a fact without going into details.
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I would have him wear bras, girls' shirts, girls' pants, put make-up on him sometimes, and a dress.
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If you take it slow... You will ease him into it, like putting you hand under really hot water... If you go slow you can do it... But if you go fast it hurts too much. I say go full out and it either sticks or is dropped. Ejchi
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Yes certainly dress him like a girl, but don't stop at making him wear girls' socks, go the whole way - skirts, dresses, blouses, tops and tights (suitable for his age). Also make him carry a purse and handbag.

We did this when our son asked for a sex change, ten years ago, and now he /she is waiting for the operation to complete the change.
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Seems to me there is more than just dressing as a female. There are also customs, practices, and attitudes related to being female. While we live in a equal rights society, there are responsibilities associated with each gender by culture. Men do their thing while the females do theirs.

So I think to get an actual "feel" about being female, it should include more than just clothes. Anyone can dress as female, but to live as one is a different story.
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If a medical professional has given their advice, I would be a fool to disregard it. I would allow my child to dress however feminine SHE needs.
If your son really wants a sex change, than dressing like a girl should be no problem for him. Try girly jeans and tanks for starters. Take it slow.
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Yes you should help him dress and look and live as a girl to see if that is really what he wants or it is a passing phase. My brother wanted this at age 12 and we took him/her shopping and bought dresses and skirts and pretty panties and a slip ruffled socks the whole bit and even silky babydoll PJ's with matching panties. He loved it all and then by age 14 graduated from cotton panties to nice smooth nylon panties and even long silky nightgowns. He wears lipstick, makeup and everyday acts and now lives as a 14 year old girl. Best thing we did for him/her.
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I would not let my son dress as a girl. He was born a boy. I would certainly always love him. He may be past the point of questioning himself since he wants to get a sex change. I would certainly encourage him and be uplifting to him. But I would probably continue going to therapy (with another therapist or a local pastor) talking things out as a family and get to some possibly deeper issues in his heart. Getting a sex change is not the answer. Take care.

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