How To Make Him Moan?


2 Answers

Ernest Curcio Profile
Ernest Curcio answered
Lightly hit his toe with a hammer!
Megan Nugent Profile
Megan Nugent answered
Well there is a lot of ways to make a man moan my top favorite is I always do this to my boyfriend go down on him, if you can deep throat him a lot of guys like that, Or you can kinda lick around the head of his penis that drives him mad and while your sucking try humming or moaning. Another thing I found is kiss his neck or suck on his ears that drives my man crazy, Or when your having intercourse tighten your muscles in your Vagina it makes it really tight my man says when I do this to him it feels really good, He also says it feels like he`s going to pop out, But he never does so...I don't know try it. Good Luck.

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