What Is Difference Between "Flirting" & "Seducing"?


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michelle bishop answered
Flirting seems more innocent without intent of actions, kind of like teasing. Whereas seducing is more likely to act upon the feeling with intent of actions, kind of like to prove you are not teasing.
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The difference is that "flirting" exists (2 people who like each other mingle), while no scientific research has ever confirmed the core idea of seduction - the idea we can "create" sexual attraction. All studies show sexual attraction is about genes not skills. But don't confuse genes with beauty. Sometimes an ugly man can have a genes similar to an attractive women. It's science based. Sure this occurs very rarely - in majority of cases similar genotypes also mean similar physical attractiveness. That's why when people see such man, they incorrectly reason: He is either rich or some kind of Casanova. Wrong. That's just his genes. Otherwise he could pick up any woman right? Read more at SeductionMyth com
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Flirting is usually done with little touch, more with speech and using your eyes and words. Seduction is ruled much more by touch and graphic movement.

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