What Are Some Examples Of Flirting?


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When I was younger I was quite the flirt!  I would smile a lot, laugh at his jokes, touch his arm or shoulder a lot, tilt my head to one side when I talked to him  or listened to him, and really look at him with adoring eyes.  Hope this helps.
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I would just take it slow and easy, and keep up your charming self! Maybe soon, you could go get a soda, or cappucinno etc together "as friends" and see what happens. Have fun.
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If she seems to be flirting with you, flirt back cautiously.  At work, you have to be careful because your actions could be misinterpreted.  We know of people complaining of sexual harassment.  So, observe. Proceed cautiously.   
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I'm glad you are aware of that. Even when you are boyfriend/girlfriend already, be sure to leave your romantic relationship outside of work. Stay away from her when you are at work even if she is the one approaching you. Be careful how you answer co-workers' remarks when they joke about your relationship with her. Be the one to set the tone in the situation. It's good practice even if the relationship works. This is America, you know.

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