What Are Some Good Ideas Of Seducing And Pleasing My Man?


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joyce answered
Well, like the above respondent, the only thing I know of is to jump right on him. However I can tell you some things that I do for my husband. OUTSIDE of sex. And things that he does for me. AGAIN, outside of sex.
Nice sweet little things make me feel good and more 'amorous'. Like sometimes my husband will just come out and give me a hug and kiss for no reason at all. I love that..
I do sweet little things for him by making him sugar free deserts. (He's Diabetic) Or sometimes I will make his side of the bed (just to be nice)
And if he goes shopping with me, it makes me feel really good.

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Dawn Howse answered
Jump right on the penis  ha ha ha ha ha  no serious try to see what he like to talking about and what he like doing. Then try wearing something sexy not to sexy. Kiss him in his hot spot, and if you and him like oral sex or just regular sex then try that. Get back to me and tell me does that work.

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