What Are Some Romantic Ideas For A Woman To Do For A Man?


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For me, romance is all about being creative.

The best thing to do is to do something intimate and personal, so look into the little magical world the two of you have set up and ideas will spring up from there.

Romantic ideas for your man

Cooking a man his favorite meal is a really good way to show him how much you care, and even something simple like writing him a love letter is a really great tradition that not many people follow anymore.

If you're looking for something less conventional, why not plan a day out together? Find an activity he's into, and try and share it with him.

Picnic, beer, and a boat ride on a lake sounds like the recipe for an ideal day to me, but your man might be more into golf, dining in a fancy restaurant, or going to see a play in the theater.

Spending some romantic time with your man

Spending quality time together is the best thing you could ever give your man.

A relaxing weekend in a spa will work for some men, whilst simply booking into a nice hotel for a few nights might be a great chance for you to both put your feet up (or try whatever other positions you are into!)

I really like the idea of spontaneity, so something like planning a surprise trip abroad would be a great surprise for me. But It really depends on what your man is like.

Often the best thing to do is pick something that will reflect how well you know him.
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Give him a day of nothing but things he likes to do. Go fishing, see a "guy" movie, go to the races.

Nonchalantly ask him for what he likes to do when you're not around, or he's "out with the guys".

If he acts suspicious or wants to know why you're asking... Be coy. Tell him you're just curious what fills his day when you aren't about.

A week or two later, do some of those things with him just out of the blue. And when he asks why you are doing it... Just simply answer "because I know this is something you like!"
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This year, for my husband's and my anniversary, I secretly planned a trip to the Great Smoky Mountains. You can choose a place that your man love to spend vacations.

I rented a cabin in the mountains with a hot tub and planned a ride on a helicopter through the foothills of Gatlinburg. He loves helicopters and planes. They have always intrigued him, so I knew he would be thrilled with that.

It was amazing and he was so happy. Think about things your man likes and maybe never gets to do. Try to keep it a secret until that week if you can. He will be surprised and he will realize it is all about him.

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