What Does It Mean When A Man Is Called A Womanizer?


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For certain men, the challenge of seducing different women is far more interesting than the prospect of a long-term romantic relationship. This type of man is known as a womanizer.

Other names include:

  • Lothario
  • Player
  • Don Juan
  • Casanova
What is a womanizer?

A womanizer is often a serial dater who enjoys the thrill of the chase more than the end game of the dating ritual.

He might have a number of love interests at any one given time, and can't help but flirt or attempt to charm every girl who catches his eye.

Although a womanizer may surround himself with other male players or a 'support posse', he usually exudes a superior level of self-confidence all on his own (often bordering on vanity or self-absorption).

A womanizer is often seen wearing the trendiest clothing, and making a big effort to impress (usually single) women in trendy nightclubs or bars.

A serial womanizer is schooled in the art of holding a woman's interest through conversation and his seduction techniques are second to none.

Celebrity womanizers include the likes of:

  • Hugh Hefner
  • Ron Jeremy
  • Julio Iglesias
  • Jack Nicholson
  • Fidel Castro
The psychology of a womanizer

Some people suggest that a habitual womanizer may have serious issues with women in general, which can be the hidden motivation behind the seduction and ultimate rejection process.

A womanizer is often a male chauvinist who views women as inferiors or manipulators who somehow deserve to be played by an aggressive male.

A womanizer may be so concerned about rejection that he makes sure he remains in complete control of every relationship he enters, no matter how superficial or fleeting.

Some relationship experts suggest that a habitual womanizer may be re-enacting a painful break-up experience every time he picks up a new 'conquest'.
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A womanizer, also spelled womaniser, is a man who chases after women and is generally sexually active with a large number of partners. A synonym for this is philanderer.

Generally the term is neutral, though historically there has been a tendency to admire such behaviour in men while condemning it in women, so in the past the word womaniser often had quite positive overtones. Nowadays it is seldom used.

Possibly the most famous womaniser in history was the 18th century writer Casanova.
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A womanizer is a man who sees many girls and breaks their hearts with no respect for their feelings but you never know if a man is a womanizer unless you have evidence or have seen it for yourself, who knows it could be just a rumour.

Remember this - think for yourself and make your own decisions do not get sucked into gossip or rely on other people to tell you what is wrong or right.

Only one thing I will say is if he is a womanizer, than don't fall for his charm no matter how difficult it could get, as it will only mean their power is working on you and don't be fooled into thinking that being with a man is the only important thing in the world.
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Going after women for pleasure only.
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A womaniser or womanizer is a man who uses women for their time, love and possible sex but has no intention of staying with her. It is essentially someone who uses women.

This would also indicate that they are in contact with multiple women at the same time and that they have no serious intentions towards any of these women.

The term is a derogatory (bad) word for a man and for a married man to be called this it is even worse.

It is rather an old-fashioned term these days. Younger people might use the phrase 'Man-Ho' or other terms. Of course, a woman who is the same is often called far worse names.

Womanizing is not something that one should be particularly proud of, although younger men do seem to pride themselves on this type of activity. Player or Playa might also be a phrase for a womanizer.
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A womanizer is often a well sought after male, who carefully selects or positions himself in the presence of woman who show an interest in his conversation, career, personality and physical appearance.

A womanizer befriends a woman who they are physically attracted to, and desires to conquer emotionally as well as physically if possible.

A clever womanizer, often uses his position(such as a single minister, doctor etc.) to assist him in appearing honest and being a 'great catch'

Even before an encounter has transpired, his prey already believes that they themselves are special, just to be considered a possible approach.

A womanizer manages to juggle many woman in the same state, city or abroad, by always letting each woman feel 'special'.

He takes great honor in giving advice, asking for advise and telling each woman how much they help him.

After each woman feels 'special for one reason or the other, they gladly thank 'him by satisfying what he says he desires and needs....His sexual ego.

The clincher however is...Each womanizer honestly believes that it's ok to love so many, and he never commits more than a year TOPS to one woman.

If the woman becomes too in love or hopeful, he finds a way to disappear.

Most womanizers do not differentiate what is real or unreal..They are delusional in my opinion, living out a false fantasy.
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Being someone who, having read the descriptions, falls into the classification of a typical 'womaniser', I have a few thoughts to add in defining what and why 'womanisers' are out there. Many guys dont know what kind of girl they want, combined with confusion as to whether they're ready to settle down at all. I believe that, with time, Im starting to feel more ready for a committed and serious relationship. And of all the great women out there, sooner or later I'm going to need to pick one to settle with.

I think there's alot to be said for timing, and if you're not ready for a serious relationship then you're not ready. I dare say that most 'womanisers' are simply going through a temporal phase of life that will eventually come back to being committed to a particular someone, but that will happen when it happens.

Hopefully sooner than later because, having dated alot of women, it can be great fun to be single and fancy free, but over a sustained period of time there is also a sense of emptiness that comes with it. And thats not something I intend to experience for much longer.
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A man who uses women for his benefit while making it pleasurable for himself and the woman during the time spent together.
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A men who likes a lot of girls and has short relationships with them.
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The way you can recognize a womanizer is if he flirts with a lot of girls or women. Also if he is checking out a lot of girls. SO girls make sure they are not doing that because you know that they are womanizers!
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A sexually-confused male who has very low self-worth and constantly seeks women who are vulnerable and desperate to make them feel good about themselves. 

Usually these men lack good sexual performance and are in constant need of multiple sexual partners to compliment them.
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The word Womanizer is a relatively modern word from English language. This word is primarily used for a man who philanders. Such is a womanizer that he likes many woman and even has casual affairs with all of them.

It is also used for someone who pursues women lecherously. The synonyms of this word are:

- Philanderer
- To Feminize
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A womanizer is a man who just sleeps with all kind of female. Don't have respect for themselves or any female out there.

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