How We Can Know That Someone Cares For Us Really And He Is Not Flirting With Us?


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Care is the feeling that shows itself how much other person cares for you. But some time
It happens that people show a care or feeling of love for a time being .As the time passed away their love, the care they show just pop up like the soap bubbles and then their whole face becomes clear to us.

If someone is showing care and he cares you a lot may be he is true for his feeling .But remember that five fingers in our hands are not equal. In our daily life we met different kind of people. Some people are really very nice to us and it is possible that he may be the one who is true in his feeling. We have no need to worry about it. If we want to check someone or we want to check that he is not doing any sort of flirt then just create a situation in which you will be able to know how much that person will be worried about you, and how much he cares for you. Because sometime we say so many things that we can do this, we can do that for you. But at the last moment we are all alone.
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By the way he act and care for you .Do he call you ,do he ask how you feel, do you see him more than one time of day or talked to him more time than only?

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