My dad keeps talking down to the family and acts like he is better than us. We ask him why he acts this way but he just replies with harsh names and words. I know that if we set up a counseling appointment, he wont show up for it?


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This is not fair to you at all and I'm not making excuses for your dad ... But sometimes when people act like that towards the people they love the most its because they feel out of control personally  . It's not your fault and you deserve better. You're absolutely right your dad needs counsoling but getting him there is hard aye ? Sometimes people need to be faced with losing everything before they will admit they need help... One thing I can suggest is when he is "going off"  is calmly asking him if he would talk to a coworker or a complete stranger they way he is to you at the moment and if not why talk to "me" ( you :) ) someone he loves in that manner... It may give him perspective. Good luck kiddo :)

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Set up a counseling appointment and go whether or not he comes.

You need some support to handle this.

There may indeed be mitigating factors that explain your dad's behavior, but that does not make it ok for him to be treating the family that way.

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There's only so much you can do.  If your Dad isn't interested in attending, then the rest of you should go.  You can work through your problems together and learn how to deal with a family member who won't help.  Good Luck.

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Well maybe there's something going on that he's hiding. What's happening at his work? Is he sad about something? Tell him how you feel.

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