What Does It Mean When One Says That He Can Never Be In Love Again?


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It means that the love he gave to the love of his life was unconditional. He gave his whole heart to her. He got hurt very badly by this person and that is why he is saying it. He is scared to give his heart away like he did with this person, scared of getting hurt again. Maybe he still loves this woman very deeply but the hurt is still to close to his heart to be able to forgive this woman. I always say that never is a very long time and also realized in my life that you must never use the word never because you never know when you will have to swallow those words. She must give him time to heal and if he don't mind her closeness then she must just be there for him, support him and try to be the lesser one even if she don't always agree with him and in time he will realize that she loves him very much and that he is also still very much in love with her and that is why he can't move on with someone else. I hope that I was of some hope to you my Dear
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Definitely Tamy!!! Thank u so much for such a lovely detailed answer!! I loved reading it. Ofcourse I will always be there for him no matter how he behaves with me. The pain he ends up giving me by ignoring me lasts only some days. Then i forget the pain he caused me...i just remember the love he has always given me. I always pray that my hopes always stay intact and dont die ever. And thankfully, it didnt die as yet and thats why probably i am still living.
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If i had to guess from the other persons viewpoint i would say that they had a wife/girlfriend or husband/boyfriend that they believed at the time and even now was and is the only one/helpmate(from the bible) that they would have gone through the rest of their life with/in other words willing to go till death do we part with/take the marriage vows with in Gods sight...
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It means that he is hurted badly by sumone he really loved n now he is scared to fall in love again becoz his trust has been broken n it wont be easy for him to trust sumone again...but time is the real healer of all wounds...he will again trust sumone whom he really finds trustworthy n to fall in love again...
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It means he is pretending

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