Does It Sadden You To See So Many Young Ladies With Such Low Self Esteem That They Take Up With Losers And Bruisers, Looking For Love?


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Yes it saddens me but no matter how many times you tell them they are better than that they dont listen....i was that girl at one time and the lessons i have learned are invaluable...thankfully that was all i took with me from those relationships and i hope the same for others....this is a problem in our current society and we need to educate our kids so they arent so blinded by the "perfect image" the media has shoved down our throats
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It makes me sad and angry. Why do so many women put up with crap from men? It boggles my mind. That's why I like teaching chicks how to fight.
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It does not sadden me it sickens me to see them think they are worth less(worthless) and accept this treatment. And to give away what was meant for marriage for the rest of their lives to someone who has no desire to be with them for life and raise a family.what kills me is they keep going back instead of reporting it and getting a restraining order.just taking it that you meant abuse /by bruisers.
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That is indeed what I meant. Losers are bad enough, they who allow a woman on public assistance to support them, while they run the streets. Bruisers are worse, they beat on the woman and often justify it by bringing home a check.
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Yes, it makes me very sad. I believe this is a direct result of a bunch of a$$holes who cannot parent. Before people have families, they should consider how  much GARBAGE they plan to dump on an innocent child. Another big problem is babies having babies. Again this is because there is a lack of parenting. When people have children, the focus should be on making the next generation's life BETTER than yours. All of the alcoholics, welfare cases and druggies need to be sterilized.
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There are also way too many young girls having babies. Low self esteem children do NOT come from parents who pay them attention and teach them daily about right and wrongs. Good parenting is NOT relying on teachers to tell ur children. It is my job to review daily what info others are brainwashing my child with. It is my responsibility as a parent to do the very best for my child and of course, I am not talking about materialistic objects. It is my job to show her a good work ethic.
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It is my job to make her smarter than me and to set her free to go out into the world and hopefully NOT be victimized. I can't do any of this if I am sitting home getting drunk or out whoring around. I can't even do this if I am glued to the t.v Time is very valuable and most of my fellow citizens are producing crap kids because they are more concerned with themselves. I am directly involved in a great comunity and I am sick at the pathetic parents from all walks of life. The children suffer.
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Also "good" families teach their children and I am NOT speaking of good families. But to clarify a good family does not have a frig full of beer and get drunk every evening. Even though they may make much money and can afford beer or whatever, this surely does not classify them as a good family. Good families teach and I still believe that we have many of these in this great country. Also unemployment is NOT welfare. One earned that. Temp assistance is similar . Most folks have times of need.
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G'day Pencil,

Thank you for your question.

Yes it does, It also saddens me when men do the same. Unfortunately, there are good men and women who can't find someone.

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It is very sad! I see it all the time.  It is unfortunate that they have no-one w/ some common sense to guide them.
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The beginnings of a low self esteem or an appreciation of self begins in the home with the parents.  Often we learn from what we see.  After my Dad died, my Mom married an abuser and a user.  He beat the holy do-do out of her and stole every penny she earned (he did not work).  This was after I was long gone from home and married to my husband.  The neighbors would call and say, "He is beating her again, I can hear her screaming."  By the time the cops got there or I did, he would be gone and she would swear that she had fallen down or had a car wreck or some other cover story.  Why??  I begged for an answer and she told me that it was because she loved him and he loved her.  Love????  How is it that you can love someone that beats the beejeebers out of you on a regular basis, leaves no money for food in the household or any way to pay the bills while he goes and gambles?  Love!  You have to be kidding me.  All she wanted was a man around to make her look good, he was one year older than me and she loved to go dancing with her young husband.  Stupid!   But what do you do?  All you can do is talk until you are blue in the face and go pick her up from the hospital and talk some more.  My Mother finally (after 8 years of beatings) divorced her abuser.  I have no answers.  Only the same question you asked - Why do they have such low self esteem that they are willing to live (and possibly die) with someone that cares so little for them?  How do you correct such irresponsible behavior?  I never learned the trick, after the divorce Mother went on to have other trash/no good men in her life but, thankfully, never another physical abuser.  Mother died near destitute having given all her money to one man and then another over the years.  She had to depend on me and my husband for everything she had in the end.  It is a sad story that is told too often by too many other daughters and sons.
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People do crazy things to be loved and/or accepted. I am truly sorry about all of the things that ur family endured with ur mother. What a tragic story. But as a daughter, u did the best thing for her by being there. I am so thankful that I did not have to go through that with mine. I will be alone for the rest of my life because I do NOT want to CHANCE love again. It's too scary and I just like myself way to much to go down a road like that. Unfortunately, one never knows until it is too late!!
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Thank you for sharing that, maybe someone will read it and take a personal inventory and get out of this self defeating and self destructive lifestyle.
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Unfortunately it happens to many of us. I was married to my 1st husband and he was a physical and emotional abuser, not to mention an alcoholic as well. I married him because I was in love with the idea of being in love and married. All for the wrong reasons. I paid for it dearly. I had to find a place in my life where I decided my kids and my life was the most important thing. That gave me the strength to get a divorce and start our live's all over again. Now they are all grown up with families of their own and I am remarried to a wonderful man who loves the Lord and me and my family! God sustained us through it all and now we are all stronger for it..GBY
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Yes it saddens me very much, but the one answer I cannot find is "how did it get to this point in their life"
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I think it gets to that point in their life because people become lonely and anything is acceptable. They fear being alone. Looking back, I NOW can see that when I made a mistake, it was always because I was lonely. Just thank God, my mother had instilled a huge moral code in me and I NEVER committed too great a sin that I could NOT correct without intervention.
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Low self-esteem is the big issue here. Many women feel they don't deserve anyone better. It may be something they did in their life that they regret or maybe they grew up being called names and being degraded. There are different reasons for accepting this way of life. I know my reason was because I was in love with the idea of being in love and getting married. I settled for second best until I got the strength and courage to do something about it. Praise God He sustained me and my kids through

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