When a guy says to you, 'I love this £¿$$¥', or 'I want this £¿$$¥ forever', does that mean he's thinking about you long term or is that just what guys are saying in bed these days?


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Try abstinence and you will find out who cares for you.,.and if they refer to it as this ####  get real they dont like nothing but sex. That is vulgar and pedestrian..personally you should be offended 

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The thing about guys is usually they say exactly what they mean. Girls have a tendency to want to read into what guys say instead of taking it for face value. So if he is saying he loves it and he wants it forever, he means exactly that. He loves IT! He wants IT forever. Now he didn't say anything about wanting the girl attached to IT! He just wants IT!!!!

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I think the word you are desperately searching for is "sex."  What he means is he wants sex. He wants sex today, tomorrow, the next day, etc., etc., etcetera    As was already pointed out, decide that you're going to be celibate and see how long he's interested. 

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He's probably not thinking long term because if he was he would be acting all nice, not swearing, but I could be wrong... who knows.

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He probably likes you. We have no way of knowing. Most girls nowadays enjoy having sex and half the time that's all they wanna do. They wanna do it as much as guys want to.

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