How Do You Talk About The Relationship Problems With A Boyfriend Who Is Hard To Talk To?


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You must be the change you are looking for. All people will go through phases of not talking. You seem like you are a very nice girl who is open . Work on yourself. Increase your self confidence. Attend lectures and seminars.
He will open up on his own time.
In the meantime.. Enjoy your time
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I was in a similar situation and I blew it. I love this guy more than life itself, but he broke it off with me. I wanted to talk about things emotional and he can't feel much more emotions than fear and anger. I know he loves me but when he realized that he was starting to fall in love with me it scared him so bad he got mean and always said no to anything I suggested. I should have stopped trying to communicate with him and just enjoyed the time I had with him. His flimsy excuse for breaking up was that I won't take no for an answer, but when all you get is no, it's hard not to want to know why the 'no's. Because I wanted to communicate so much, his emotions scared him and he ran away. No amount of peacemaking effort did any good, in fact that backfired on me. He finally took me to court and like about being afraid for his safety and now there is a restraining order against me. Short answer: Back off and don't push him, or you will push him away. GOOD LUCK, and learn from my mistakes.Broken hearted for life here. I lost my One True Love. Feel free to stay in touch, and I wish you happiness!
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Umm 1st. You need to make him jealous. I know its mean but it really works.
So heres what you do . Find a boy thats cute, nice and ask him out.if he says yes then its good.
Then you make sure that you and your fake boyfriend are beside lockers or soemthing or beside your real boyfriend. And kiss him . Don't KISS HIM REALLY. PUT your HAND OVER HIS MOUTH AND KISS YOUR HAND. FROM FAR AWAY IT WILL LOOK LIKE YOU GUYS ARE KISSING LIPS 2 LIPS. AND WHEN YOUR BF SEES HE WILL GET JEALOUS.and he will *repeat will* talk about his problems, and explain what you were doing. And I know hill understand.thats a way 2 make a boy really share his feelings. If he is just t to  hard 2 understand then  dump him . Hard.

Jenny, Hope it helps xd:]
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Make him jelous it work's.. :)

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