My Boyfriend Is Having Some Family Problems.What Could I Do To Make Him Feel Better?


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If it is a matter of an argument, try not to take sides.  If you side with one member of the family and peace is made after that, you can bet that the one you did not side with is going to resent you.  Try to stay neutral.  That does not mean that you can not tell your boyfriend that you care for him and hate that he is having to deal with this problem.  But once again, try not to offer solutions, let your boyfriend take the steps that he feels is necessary.  You can and should encourage him to see all sides of the issue and to think matters through before taking action but let the decisions be his.  Do not talk down to him about any member of the family, they are, after all, his family and he must have some love for them or he would just walk away and it would not bother him.  Listen to your boyfriend and let him vent if you feel that would be helpful but try your best not to influence him one way or the other.  This is a family issue and until you are family (married) then those things are best left to the members of the family.  Let your boyfriend know that you care deeply that he is hurting but other than that, play it cool.  Love him and let him know you support whatever decision he makes but let him know it is his decision and you do not think that it would be good for you to try to interfere in family matters.
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Talk to his family...

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