A number i dont know (it came up but i dont know it) called me and said some mean and hurtful things to me. Im a new girl at school and already have lots of friends and guys. How can i find out who this is?


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Torinn Mercy answered
Hey sugar, this has happened to me a few times & I have the (almost!) perfect plan for this occaison.. Wait it out. I know that you want to know who it is NOW but if you wait about a week or two, it will all pay off. In about a week (ideally, the person would have forgotten that they've called you), block your number (*67) & dial the number. When the person answers, simply ask who it is. Once they reply, say that you dialed the wrong number & that you were looking for someone else. Once you know who it is, plot revenge. I strongly do NOT reccomend taking this matter to school -- you will get a rep as a rat & will not be well-liked. All the best! XO
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Notify the Principlas office and let them deal with it and let your parents know of it as this is extremely serious so they need to know and figure if its another student at school so let them both know now

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