How do you forget about someone?


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Selie Visa answered
It all depends on the depth of your relationship with the person who you want to forget. Life is meeting and parting. But parting is the most difficult. People part ways due to many reasons, death being one of them. Life is a paradox, we need to hold on to someone we love and care. But at times we must learn to let go.

Time is the best healer. But I must say this, there may be someone, some people in your life whom you will never forget no matter what and as long as you live.
Very simple just put your mind in another things you will automatically forget them. Because if you try to forget them the then you can't do it directly you have to change your mind and for that you have to put your mind in other things.
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Arthur Wright answered
You really don't but time changes everything so given enough time , this someone will fade in your memory until you can deal with it. With each passing day the pain will subside a little more til you are able to handle it but we never really forget someone totally

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