How Long Does It Take To Forget Someone You Loved?


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The short answer is that forgetting someone you once loved may never happen. On the positive side, remembering someone doesn't always need to be painful - although it may seem like that now.

Forgetting someone you loved

We've all been in that situation where love has turned sour on us. Things that seem perfect don't always work out the way we plan.

The fall-out from falling out of love is often very painful but (and I know this sounds very clich├ęd) this feeling will pass. Rather than focusing on forgetting someone in your past, the best way to deal with the situation is to look to the future. It may seem like a daunting and miserable prospect, but new love has a way of catching us when we least expect it.

How to move on from heartbreak

How often have you heard the phrase 'you've got to move on' on TV? I know at least a couple of Friends episodes where it's been used. Moving on might seem like ridiculous advice (people don't just 'move on' from unrelenting anguish and depression, right?), but the important thing is to try.

  • Step 1 is to go out. You don't need to go out looking for another soul mate, but you need a reminder that life can be pretty awesome. Organize something with friends and let your hair down.
  • Step 2 is to set your own pace. Don't feel like you have to throw yourself out there looking for someone to fill the void, move on when you are ready to.
  • Step 3. Talk. Talking to friends and family is really important in getting through any difficult times in life. Once you reach out you'll realise just how much love there is out there.
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You never forget the person you once loved!!...but your feelings can change if you find somebody that really cares about you!!!...and you can learn to love again....I know I did!!
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It`s hard to say`s not like a show on TV to know the time that it will end..but I`m sure you`ll become ok soon ..keep concentrating on your work and your study...pray a lot..and try with your close friend to tell him/her ..your bad feelings when it happens and try to go activities with youth picnics - it really helps ..and be sure this relationship will help you to grow more and choose your future partner well.
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Well, for this question, I can't really assure you that my answer will be the right one. The reason is that the answer to this query all depends on the personality of each person. How sensitive a person is.

If you are an emotional person filled with feelings, then in your case, it might take some time to forget your beloved. Just try to think about him in every negative way possible. Think about the bad thing he said or did to you. This is an extremely effective method of forgetting the one you love.

Good luck!
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Well you learn to live with it. Perhaps you will train your brain to handle this pain? It is a very effective technique.
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You NEVER forget someone you love! Because if you forget then they didn't mean that much to you did they? Always keep hold of your past. Especially if it meant a lot at the time!
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You don't
Love is forever and you can't forget it.
It takes a lot of broken hearts to get it right.

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