What do you guys call love?


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Arun Bera answered
Love is a type of felling which can happen any day any time any moment, to build a super strong relationship on love than both the couple should believe and faith eachother more than anyone, don't doubt there mate, always in touch with each other, appriciated the physical conditon "how they look like", woo I am now a good prof. On love ha ha , want to come with me for movie?
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Lynne Dwyer answered
When it causes me more pain than the pain he is actually in
When I feel I just haven't done enough for him when his own 30 yr old something kids ( divorce) won't even call on Fathers Day.
That if need be, He could have my right arm. For he would need it more than I.
Hariprasath. Palanisamy Profile
Its an affection of whom else close to us....

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