Is It Good To Love Subordinate Colleague? Or It Will Disturb Job?


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Yes, that is the biggest mistake anyone can ever commit(i.e., loving a subordinate) but then such things are ruled by heart & not by mind.  To go for this relationship you should first of all behave like "TO GOOD TO BE TRUE PERSON" i.e., you should start with human's basic "TO GET ATTRACTED NEEDS", although they are very difficult to be practised by everyone but some of them are: 
  • Socializing with her,
  • Treat all of her bad habits like they don't even appear to be bad at all,
  • Appreciate her in everything she do(doesn't matter how much you dislike those things)
  • If she is in trouble , even because of her BIG mistake, be with her & treat her like that mistake was of very minor nature & not worth that much trouble.
  • NEVER joke with her too much(As making joke will develop feelings for you as a friend & not lover/boyfriend)
  These were some of them(Assuming your very emotional nature-may be just towards her only, which is very natural)  AND YES ABOVE TIPS WORK FOR ME (THEY ARE FOR BOTH MEN & WOMEN).  Do Reply & Rate my answer!  Till next text...Loading' LOTS OF LOVE & PRAYERS FOR YOU!
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It is always a bad idea to become romantic with any co-worker, but it is especially bad when it is someone who is your subordinate. The temptations and pressures are too great. You will either begin to play favorites with your staff members or your co-worker consort will begin to demand special treatment. And when you break up, and you will break up, the tensions will be enormous at your workplace.

If you must fall in love with a subordinate, first, go get a job someplace else, then call.

Good luck.
Joe Nation
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Well first of all I'd like to say it's not always bad falling in love with a subordinate, then again it does all depend on your view and how you look at it.
* My first thing though would be, are you sure it's not only Lust  which could be so easily confused, and of course do you have a real significant other in your life. I'm sure you're old enough to know when emotions are just lust, or some whim of a like and be able to actually know when such flimsy excuses for liking someone are actually a total waste of time and energy and worse in a work place just plain ridiculous.
* Another thing though is are you sure it's love, if you ask me that whole thing with getting angry all the time -.- doesn't sound like love to me, love actually makes stuff like that seem like nothing, and even if they were, love wouldn't make you angry, but fill you with atleast a sense of duty to try and help her as much as possible so she can be better -.- even if it involves helping a few others too to cover up ^^
* Another thing is has she given any clue to if she likes you, doesn't make sense to have unrequited love. -.- it sucks, and worse in a work place setting can get very depressing
 AH now if you've checked with all of that, of course including if she's interested iny ou. -.- Just leaving it without saying anything isn't a smart choice, whether it's how she looks at you, or a lingering hand shake, whatever it is, others will become aware, so why not atleast talk about it. I suggest however to just remain friends, do you understand -.- sigh even as I type this I know you'll ignore it, but again I'll say it FRIENDS for atleast another year....maybe two, and actually get to know the person in a different setting, you might actually find you're turned off...maybe feelings will grow, hopefully you don't go on for the wrong reason, and don't feel trapped if she grows to like you, while your  interests fade, cause in the end it is best you end it rather than prolonging something that in the end will lead to nothing.
If both of you really want to be together, if it somehow reaches the point where life just isn't life without each other ( if possible I do agree with the person above that says you could try finding another organization to work for). But if you both set your mind to it, you can work it out, ensuring that it doesn't interfere with work life ( and I strongly suggest if you commit that should you ever have problems you visit a marriage councellour or whatever councellor, and make sure you do atleast 2 months pre-marital counselling if you plan to get married, it's really important!!!!!)
 well this is long -.-, but I think I'll leave it here.
Good Luck Mr ^^

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