Why Do People Say Such Hurtful Things To Others For No Reason At All?


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They aren't thinking about the person they're hurting. If everyone lived by the golden rule, this would never happen, but we are all guilty of hurting others at some point, and if we regret it, then we've learned a lesson. The only way to change the world is to start with yourself :)
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Think before you talk. Words can't be taken back. Once they are spoken they are there. I've noticed when people have been hurt themselves they take it out on the ones they love and then they wind up having to apologize. If you are tired when you come home from work or school take a nap or break to unwind from your day. Then think out a way to solve the problem.
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It might be because they have nothing to do at all and want to get things stirred up and then they might have been hurt themselves and want others to feel the same way who know?
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Sometimes people who love us hurt us without knowing and sometimes it's usually the best way only after time passes.
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Because such people who hurt others don't have such feelings, their hearts are like stone....thats y they can't feel others feelings...
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They want to destroy you they want everything you have and will stop at nothing they'll take away your friends 1 by 1 spewing lies that you never said and wont stop till all your friends believe it and turn their backs on you they try to dig into all your business so that they can use it against you
yes the question is why does any one know?
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To look cool and mean and strong.

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