How Do I Tell My Mother To Stop Calling So Much?


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You know I have tried that and boy does she get a dry attitude WHEN i do decide to call her back. My husband thinks I am being mean, but boy oh boy she gets on my nerves. I have been to the doctor and he said if I didn't get a grip on it it could have my body in a permanent kink and he would not be able to get it out.
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I am 42 and I lost my mom 8 weeks ago. I would give anything to hear her voice one more time. Your mother loves you and obviously misses you. Cherish the time you have with her. Why don't you try telling her that you are getting in trouble at work for personal phone calls. Then tell her you will call her every night at a designated time. Then she can look forward to hearing from you. I know it seems like a pain in the butt. I just want you to see how much your mom must love you. All the best to you.
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Yes, that is a lot ,but how many times do you see her in a year? Write her a actual letter of what you would like for her to do and why.
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I used to drive 10 hours one way to see her 2 times a month. I haven't been lately. She came down in December 07 when I had 3 major surgeries in one and stayed for 3 weeks. I would say she is calling because she is worried something could happen to me after the surgery, but she has done this like FOREVER. You know ever is a long time when you put that for in front of it ... LOL..
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whoooo! ten hours twice a year would be my limit. what you said is exactly why she's calling all the time. later
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How about not answering the phone to her more than once a day? Unless of course she'll panic that you've died and come rushing round, a few days of not answering her every call may get the message across

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