My Boyfriend Wants To Go Into The Marines. What Do I Do?


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Well Beckah, I don't know how old your boyfriend is but if he's old enough to go in the military he must be old enough to make this very important decision. It will depend on what kind of job he goes for, he could be assigned state side and would be perfectly fine. Even if he has to go to Iraq, 2 of my sons are in the army and they've both been over there a couple times each. Thankfully they both made it back okay. You'll have to be strong and show him that you support him. Protecting our country is an honorable task, be proud of him for his courage, you will see how mature and dedicated he'll become after his training. I for one am grateful for people like your boyfriend, he is a hero and he is stepping up to do what he thinks is right. It really has to be his decision and I hope that you can accept it so he doesn't feel torn or guilty about it. Try not to make him defend his decision, after all, he'll be defending all of us. One thing that helped me when my boys were gone was to collect a lot of goodies for "care packages". Find out if you don't already know what his favorite snacks are, and you'll be surprised how many people will want to give you things to send to him. Write him lots of letters but don't be upset if he doesn't always reply right back. Keep in mind how happy you're going to be when he returns and plan a homecoming party with all his friends and family. Stay strong, in your own way, you'll also be making a sacrifice for your country, God Bless America!
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One of my best friends is leaving in 3 days for the Air Force. I am nervous about it, but I know that this is what he needs to do for himself. He is 23 and has some good things going for him here, but he knows that if he goes, he is serving his country, he will get free college, and when he gets out, he will have no problem getting a good job.
I know it is really hard to understand why your boyfriend wants to do it. But, you can't think of it as him leaving you, that's not why he is going. He is bettering his life. It would be selfish of you to try to talk him out of going. If it is meant to be, you will find a way to make it work. Who knows, he may get stationed some place really cool, and maybe you can move there with him in a year or so. Just be positive about it, everything will be fine.
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He needs to do what he thinks is right for his life. Support him and if you are meant to be together, you will be.
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My boyfriend is going into the Marines. He needs to find his place in the world and travel. Also he gets paid for it. He loves physical challenges and has all the skills necessary to become an absolutely fantastic soldier. This is a way of proving his love to me, he will come back a man, and he will come home to a woman. I can't wait until he comes home to me.
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My boyfriend is thinkn about going into the marine reserves as well. He just brought this to my attention. I don't kno wut to expect, all I can do is pray that he will be safe and that our love will stand the test of time. We have been together for I kno how you feel. Stay strong.
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It is natural to be scared or worried. What is sometimes hard to do but you need to do is be proud and impressed by his decision. The Marines takes guts, and people don't stumble into it, generally.
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My boyfriend is going into the marines in march and I am scared not because of his safety but because he will be so far away from me and because of the time apart. But after being mad and resentful of him for making that decision, I realized it is his life and he is doing whats best for him. Now I am very supportive and am proud of his decision. People are right when they say if its meant to be it will. Good luck :)
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Really love him I mean really you let him go if you love him you let him be happy he might do something back to you. Oh it scare but if you pray really hard he won't get hurt
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My dad is in the army  he said don't let him go because they don't take care of there troops and wont  take care of him my dads in the army trust him
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People are so stup** , honestly I think your boyfriend is just thinking for himself and not the both of you or anything like that . I'm kinda going through the same thing & it just doesnt feel right I hate the feeling of him wanting to go away.

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