How Do You Know If Your Long Distance Boyfriend Is Cheating? He Doesn't Tell His Friends About Us And Sometimes Goes MIA, But He Tells Me He Would Never Cheat And He Loves Me. Am I Just Insecure?


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There's nothing wrong with being cautious about a long-distance boyfriend - the statistics show that long-distance relationships tend to have a higher rate of infidelity than regular relationships.

Just be careful not to let caution turn into paranoia. Being over-paranoid could end up ruining a good relationship!

Is your long-distance boyfriend cheating on you?

If he's not telling any of his friends about you, then this is a pretty bad sign. Guys who are in love tend to talk (and even brag) about their partner all day and night.

If he can't even be bothered to bring you up in conversation with his close friends, that's a sign that you're just not that important to him (harsh, but true).

Just think about if things were the other way around: What would be the reasons why you'd hide a guy from your girl friends?

How to trust a long distance boyfriend
The problem with long distance relationships is that an element of trust is implicitly required from the get-go. If you don't have trust from the very beginning, then spending a large chunk of your time apart isn't really going to help things.

My advice would be not to dwell on things too much. Enjoy the time you spend together and, if you're really worried about what he gets up to when you're not around, then just tell him that.

He might accuse you of being too 'clingy', but I'm pretty sure he'd act the same way (or worse) if he suspected you of infidelity.
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If a love has to remain a secret then that is a sure sign something is wrong.

From what you write, my guess is that he is working away from home and has a family he goes home to at the weekend.

My guess is he is playing about on the internet to pass the time away and is in fantasy land.

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