Is It True Indian/hindu Men Have The Rights To Burn There Wife If They Cheat On Him?


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Oh no. Nobody has the rights to do. But in ancient days like in 1940, while Britishers ruling India, If the husband dies, wife should be thrown into fire. But Britishers removed the law. Thank Q Britishers.
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Ohh ok thx
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Actually, this tradition has been illegal for much longer than that, yet it is still done in very remote areas. I do not wish to thank the British.
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Just to make things a little clearer for you and all here. I will say don't base your opinion on one or two bad incidents. I don't get honestly what made you people think like this. Hindu religion is the toughest religion that hold humanism supreme. And in our religion women are considered/given more respect than their male partners.

So Indian/Hindu have any or had right to burn their wives if they cheat(bigamy etc.) on him. They can only leave them officially. Burning is too bad a thing to be referred by religion or law in India.
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No,The above is not true.
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No, they don't if they do they go straight to prison
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No, no one has the rights to burn their wife if they cheat on him.
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Hahahahha. This is 2010 A.D. This tradition was performed long ago, even then, in very rural areas. It was most definitely not performed in entire of India. I come from there, I know what I say. It is illegal now, but in the tribes of India it is may still be performed. The concept of it is that when the husband and wife are married, the relationship will last for 7 lives. The wives of the old villages would not be able to support themselves, and long ago, it was considered an extreme mishap for a woman to loose her husband. So to become one with him again, she would be burnt to be with him. This is definitely against the law now. In this world of Earth, there is civilization, especially in such a developed country such as India. I hope you haven't gotten any wrong expressions from stereotypes and rumors.
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I dont think this is true but i dont no cause i am not indian or hindu
Culturally, yes, but I don't think that's right to harm a woman in any way. It's a crime to harm a woman in any way, and it's morally wrong. So no they don't have the right.
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They dont burn them but they still beat them!!forced into marriage for the families pride
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It is not true nobody has the right 2 burn their wife if she was cheating on him

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