Is it true that most men would cheat if they had the chance to and thought they would get away with it?


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No!! Please give us men a little more credit than that.

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No, I don't believe that. Real men are loving, caring and giving of themselves to one woman.

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I can't comment on the "trousered ape;" but for the man of "real sensibilities," sexual intercourse in the absence of the minds, hearts and souls---as well as the bodies---of both parties reaching out to each other tends to make the experience much less than satisfying.

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Tom  Jackson
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The phrase comes from CS Lewis in "The Abolition of Man."

It was intended as a "poke" not an insult. My apologies, since your interpretation was not what I intended.

Perhaps you do understand human nature insofar as you observe human beings in action. (First they are and then they act---an Aristotelian concept certainly.)

However, I'm not sure you have had the opportunity to observe human beings in action who also subscribe to what I must describe as a more refined sense of an objective right and wrong.

While I agree with one of you October comments "Your brain or gut feeling tells you what's right or wrong," if you gut or brain are not properly informed, then anyone's conclusions have no particular guarantee of conforming to what I would argue are objective realities.
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It is probably me that should apologize after my first (rather forthright) response. Three/four years ago, the Sunday Times in the UK published the results of a (several) year study of adult behaviour both in the the US and the UK. It found that 65+ (I can't remember the actual percentage point) of all adults admitted to some sort of extra-marital liaison. Men were more likely to stray (or were more honest in their answers). The surprising thing about the survey was that many respondents said that the "slightly illicit" (my words, but the implication is the same) of such connections made them more "fun". A lot of people "cheat" (an expression I hate), and most of them enjoy it (and presumably expect to "get away with it"). Human nature. "Right and wrong" (whoever decides what both of those are?) has nothing much to do with it.
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Thanks for the explanation.

Your comment on my answer makes much more sense now.

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Gender has little to do with it.

People are people.

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This would have to be a personal opinion, one which would come with bias depending on which.

Personally, no, I do not think that most men would cheat given the choice to get a way with it.

Most of a particular type of male? Scum who simply play women any way? Yeah.

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Honestly I'll have to disagree with you on this one. It goes the same way for both gender. Just because of one gender cheating doesn't mean that it'll judge for all. There's still some good people out there also. Not saying those who cheated are wrong, I believe they probably have their own reason for doing it. But that's their business.

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