I'm yelling at my boyfriend yesterday because of jealousy and insecurity, then he decided to leave me and break up with me just because he doesn't want to be yelled at. Is he right for his decision? Am I bad?


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warren basson answered

Well I can tell you that yelling at your partner will not help your relationship at all. Make him sit down and talk it and give your word that you will not cheat on him and if he is matured enough and loves you, he will have to take your word for it.

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Jojo A. answered

Yes he is right because this is your jealousy and your insecurity and not his responsibility to fix, its yours. Jealous insecurity is a never-ending burden on someone and it gets real tiresome real quick, The funny thing is it creates the same thing you fear, him going away to someone else. The other thing is jealousy hurts you not him and is more likely  than not to be undeserved.

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