Found out I'm pregnant and I'm a junior in college. Told him I was considering abortion. He yelled at me. He has already started his career. But I'm not even close to graduating. I don't see why he is so angry with me. Should he be mad at me?


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If you haven't sat down with him already, now would be the time to talk about this and see what his thoughts are in regards to this pregnancy. Abortion, adoption and keeping the baby are all options that should be explored.

Abortion is such a touchy subject anyway and for you to just blurt out that you were thinking about abortion when you just told him you are pregnant would send anyone into a tailspin. So give it a couple of days and then you and he sit down with no distractions and talk this through. Good luck.

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I hate to state the obvious but you asked for it: Absolutely.

Not gonna get into the whole abortion right and wrong debate, I'm just going to say he certainly has the right to feel "mad"

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You really don't see why he would be angry? While you are carrying the baby, he is the reason you are carrying it. It is his child too.

Take a day or two and think about all the possibilties. Plenty of women go to school while pregnant and having babies. If you don't want to keep the baby and he does, you can have him pay for your medical expenses and sign away your parental rights.

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He has a right to feel exactly the way he feels. 

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No he shouldn't be mad at you. Your body is your total responsibility. You must make the decision you can live with for life.

He could and should have used a condom. Before you have an abortion, discuss with him your options, marriage should be foremost, your futures together and apart, immediately get professional counseling.

You must make your own decisions. Remember abortion, is permanent.

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Your concerns are misplaced. You have a new life that you will be responsible for and will be with for the rest of your life. This guy might not even be around when the baby is born. Your value system is in need of repair. Focus on what is really important in this phase of your life. Going forward you will have to ask yourself , "do I want to have this happen to me again?"

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It's important to realize that emotions are reactions and are not cognitive and volitional states of consciousness.

It is certainly normal that he might be "mad."  It would also have been normal if he had been "happy," but that would have been a less likely reaction.

What is important now is whether he is interested in any way in this new person that you and he have created.

After the anger (and whatever other unpleasant emotions subside) what is decided then becomes what is important.

I wish you the best of luck.

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