How Can I Write My Boyfriend A Love Song/poem To Show How Much I Love Him?


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I love when the way look at me
I love the way make laugh more than you make cry
I love the way you hold
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Write down all of your feelings down on a piece of paper then choose the ones that you wish to tell him. From there all you have to do is put them in order and write them down poetically. I hope he likes your poem and I hope you enjoy writing it!
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He is kind
good hearted person
would do anything for me
Loves me for me
he makes me a better person
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From the darkness of my mind I see,the woman that my heart would free,
through words of which no lips might speak,my soul shall reach it's vital peak.
And I as angels long since dead,can merely hang my war scarred head,and ponder now the end of love.
  I've journeyed time and space,and find,that love itself is not of mind.
It's not of what we see or hear ,it's neither far nor neither near.
But love is what we give away,that brings again a love someday as the cooing of the dove.
   What price I ask shall be given thee,that from loves ways you'll soon be free?
For without price it bends and sways,this love that gently shapes our way and calls us
to the dreamers sea.
  Teysar 2009
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To show your boyfriend that you love him tell him how much you care and love him.
How much you want to be with him and miss him.
Tell him something that you told one of your bast friend about him .
Let him no that you really do love>miss>care>fell>want>need him n then he will no
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Do things that make him happy.tell him you love him. Go out of your ways for him and if he doesn't see that you love him you shouldn't be with him
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The best way would to just have a flow of consciousness session where you sit down alone for 40 minutes and just write whatever comes to mind about your boyfriend. Then form a poem out of that. Reading romantic poems could also inspire you. Try E.e Cummings for the best and most beautiful love poetry you'll ever read (try Somewhere I Have Never Travelled).
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Email sweet things like... I miss you so much and I know I need you in my life thanks for being there for me love you bye
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If you really loves him, then automatically that words which are used in song comes from your heart. It is true.
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There are different ways in which you can explain your heart feelings. You can write poems by your own, you can send E-card, you can send hand written notes, you can dedicate songs. And you can also use the following link to show your love to your someone special
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The way to do it is write all the things good about him and also write some things you want him to know, ang then transform it into a song/poem
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Write him something that you usually don't tell him, something that will make tears fall out of his eyes of joy. You could write it I format of a letter but let it have a musical rhythm to it
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You can write it and sing it for him while you mean every word you saying xD and he will love you more and beside he will kiss you
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Write down everything you would say to him, if you can't think of much choose a word that describes him and work from that
Ex: Impossible- you're so impossible but Thats exactly how I like it.
Try to avoid things that you have heard a lot before in love songs, like "my love for you is deeper than the ocean"
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Well just start by listing the stuff you like about them then put it together them add music and your off to a good start!!!

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