Why Do I Go Into Violent Rages And Want To Hurt My Husband For Cheating?


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Sharon Howell answered
You are not the problem. He is. Any man that can make you that angry,
is not being THE MAN in your relationship. You are being manipulated. Find someone else worth your time; someone that can appreciate the beauty of who you are.
SONYA WAILS answered
Because u either don't love herself or forgotten how to love u. Get with herself @ find u then u can walk away with some peace in ur heart @ love for herself with a smile good luck
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yvette Jones answered
My feeling is that you need to adjust your diet. Certain foods can make people angry, depressed, very moody. You should look into the AMEN diet..I think that's what is called. This man developed a diet and certain things you should do to live a long happy life. First seek a church that will pray for you, second ask God to UNHARDEN your heart because if keep being angry it will cut your life short. When your angry your heart muscle and veins actually become stressed out and hard. Don't focus on your husband so much. Find a class you can join like cooking, dancing is great, art, martial arts, with other friends. Drink chamomile tea to calm down. Take st. John wort. These natural vitamins make you happier. Any vitamins with B complex calm you down . If your going through menopause garbanzo beans are great for calming. Get out and excercise w/music, powerwalk or something. Good luck.
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Mrs Ellis answered
It is devistating when a spouse betrays your love and trust by cheating. Women often feel like they were not everything the husband desired and blame themselves. It is not your fault. But it is human nature to feel hurt and betrayed often to the point of insanity. I do not blame you but if you are that unhappy you should file for divorce. If you wanna work things out you have to find a way to forgive, NOT FORGET, but forgive it will be hard but pray and forgive him the best way you can. One day at a time honey.
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I accuse my wife of having affairs and im very verbally abusive towards her now she has left me,ive resorted to slashing her tyres and threatening her.When she collects the kids i cant help but give her abuse what is wrong with me.She is very attractive.Deep down i know i knew she wouldnt do it but i just cant help myself.

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