My husband says I am the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. I know I am extremely beautiful because wherever we go, every man and woman has to stare. I see it hurts some women who see their boyfriend or husband staring. Why do men act like this?


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Evolution favors those who choose the "best" mate. Both men and women are on the lookout for that person, usually beginning at puberty. Some stop looking when they've found a mate; some don't. Many appreciate true beauty in any form, whether they have a mate or not.

A woman of good self-esteem, confident in her own relationship, will not be intimidated by your beauty or by her husband's (or boyfriend's) reaction to it. She will acknowledge your beauty, as he does, and continue with her life.
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One day in the near future you both will grow up. For now, the madam will have to deal with the superficiality of her husband and those like him and don't forget that beauty is the eye of the beholder, only. Finally, it is important to feel secure, just don't give too much credit to things that don't last. If you last long enough you will be the observer, not the observee.
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If he is saying that to you and you don't see him looking at other females then drop your trust issues. GET OVER IT!!!!! I see my friends all the time losing good men because of thier insecurities. Stop worrying about what other men do, and watch what your man is doing. And so what if he did look, its not staring and when men get married all the women in the world don't dissapear thier still going to be at work, walking street etc...and people have peripheral vision, so he will see whatever is in his line of sight. Women...Sheesshh. I wonder if YOU think your beautiful?
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It's natural for people to look when an attractive person passes by. Personally, I don't find it sleezy or uncomfortable when my man looks at a beautiful woman passing by, even if I know he most likely finds her more attractive than me. He is a good, faithful man and I know that I myself will look if I see a beautiful person pass by. Actually, picking out some of our favorite models has allowed us to have a more open conversation that can be very entertaining. Just because a guy looks at an attractive female doesn't even necessarily mean he wants to/intends to sleep with her. Personally, I feel it's a female's insecurity that causes her to be upset when she sees her man looking at an attractive person. After all, isn't she looking as well? We're human - we like to look at things we find pleasing. That doesn't mean that we love the person we are with any more or less.
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All men will look when an attractive woman passes by..It's just how we are..Now the difference between a "good man" and a "sleazy jerk" is that a good man will look for one second or two..The perverts will stare as long as they are in your line of sight...haha.  Thank god my girlfriend is not the jealous type..She will Point out Hot Girls wherever we go. I love her for that!
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Not all of us act that way I am glad to say but I know a lot do put it down to there wishful thinking. And you are very lucky to have a husband that tells you that you are a beautiful woman.
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I would have to say that this person needs to pay more attention to the flowers in her own garden and less attention the presumed weeds in anothers garden.
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I'm sorry but that's really conceited of you saying that your pretty and you know it and all the guys are staring at you. I got myself quiet the hinder that guys will stare at occasionally (gag) but I usually don't mind and I don't feel bad for the girlfriend's of the guys that stare - I feel bad for the guys. They need to sometimes learn a little thing called self control.
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On the other hand, if they are not hurting you or their own loved ones, let them watch the same movie until their eye balls drop out.

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