What Should A Woman Do When Her Husband Ignores Her In Public And Looks At Another Woman?


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This husband is very bad mannered and neglectful.
If this only happened once it's bad enough but if it happens on a regular basis you need to get to the bottom of why he's doing this.

One way coping if he does it again and after you've told him how you feel about it is to try this... ask him if he'd like you to introduce him to the other woman. Say that as he's so interested perhaps he'd like you to go and tell her all about him, adding that you can explain to her you've noticed he's always looking elsewhere. He won't want you to do it but you've made your point.
I think you have to tell him how much he's hurting you by looking at other women and tell him that you won't tolerate his behaviour - you don't have to.
Perhaps the two of you have lost a spark in your relationship and it won't come back if he behaves like this. Dress yourself up next time you're out together ( after telling him how you feel) try to be attentive yo him and if he's not interested even then you need to consider whether or not you want to waste time and effort on a man who's not pulling his weight in your marriage. No-one needs to tolerate this sort of neglectful behaviour.
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My husband also ignores me in public ,he chats away to other people and its
as if I don't exist, but flirts with other younger women .
I have never felt more hurt or humiliated than at my daughters wedding 3 years ago.
My husband ignored me the whole evening,wouldnt sit with me or his family and when his nephew got fed up with his neglect we all went to look for him and found him sitting talking to a girl younger than our daughter.He bought me 3 drinks that day via my son---ie he gave my son money to buy me 3 drinks.
He never once sat with me ,or spoke to me, or his family ,the whole evening and completely ruined our only daughters wedding.
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My husband is the same way. When we first got together he didnt. But as soon as we were married, he started looking at other girls and making comments about what he liked about them. Short hair etc... I have spent a year and a half changing my life around to make him happy and finally a few weeks back he came to me and said" I am sorry but I don't find you attractive. Thats why we never have sex." When we did have sex he used me only when he had too. It hurt so badly and went on for 9+ months before he finally told me. I have had 2 children and miscarried a third. I love him and I don't find him attractive that way either but I have never looked at him like that. I loved him and it blinded me too any imperfections. Obviously its not this way with men. His excuse is men are visual people. They always look. Yes maybe so I think, but when a man is making you feel like you are the most beautiful thing in the world and he loves you deeply then even if he did glance at other women you would know a peace in the truth that none could replace you. I hope you have better luck than me. I am anorexic and my husband says I'm too fat. And on top of that he eats whatever he wants and never gains any weight at all. I hope one day it changes and he understands what I have had too go through. I am starving myself and I still don't get any looks from him. Good luck honey. Try to stay strong. I know it hurts. If you ever want to talk just email me.
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I know how hurtful this is. I see my husband not just looking but really looking and ignoring me. The funny thing is I turn heads myself wherever we go. But I don't look! I would never do that to my husband. When I was single I used to hate it when married men eye fckd me as I found out later what that meant. It made my stomach churn. I am 13 yrs younger than my husband and he is so into being a family I thought he'd be the last guy to do this to me. He denies it everytime and finally when I threatened to leave him he sang a diffferent tune. But I still feel something isn't right when we go out. He doesn't even look at me when we go out w another couple. And I am sitting right next to him. So I ignore him and talk to the couple whoever it is and they always act normal. He looks at her and she looks at him when they talk and one couple has bee married for 36 years!
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I get ignored too. We went to a party last night and the whole time I was sat with his mum then when he did sit with me. I put his arm around him and he did nothing back. He didn't even kiss me. I feel so ignored alone and very unloved.  I don't know what the answer is just I know what your going through. 

The last party we went to, my husband was stood at the bar and was chatting to the bar maid all night. When I confronted him he had a go at me and left me at the party with our children so we had to go home by ourselves in the dark!

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