Should a woman be legally required to take her husband's surname when they marry?


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Cultures and traditions have changed. Our culture and way of doing things no longer requires that the husband's name is the required name. That is more for the couple to decide now. Some women love it when they can take their husband's name whereas others do not. Some women will keep both. My wife dropped her middle name, kept her family name, and took my family name. As long as the couple discusses it amongst themselves, they can choose to go whichever direction they please. Best of luck to you.

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Corey The Goofyhawk
I thought that that was a cool idea! My wife is proud of her family name because her family has a long history of being in the Navy. In fact, her father passed away while in the Navy.
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I took my husband's surname and was happy to do so. My sister in law, however, did not take her husband's surname since she built her reputation in the business field for years in her own name. It really is up to the individual. I know women who take their husbands surname for consistency in regards to their children. Being a school secretary for years, it is difficult to keep track of a child's mother's name when it is different than that of the child. It isn't impossible, but it is one more step to check a birth certificate when they come to pick up the child from school.  Sometimes the mothers would be upset at having to wait, but by law we could not release the child unless it was to a designated parent or guardian. 

Just something to consider for the future if you plan on having children.

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She doesn't have to take her husbands like name but it just seems good to do so. Both are husband and wife.. United as one...

I have no intentions of getting married (not interested) but if by the smallest chance that it did happen.. I would be a little disappointed if she didn't but it wouldn't be the end of the world either. 

My oldest brother's wife moved her surname as her middle name. which I think flows really nicely. 

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It's a convention rather than a legality. I've often wondered if women feel regret about dropping their maiden name in favour of a married name.

With the current high rate of divorce it may be more practical for a woman to retain her own name. And, as Tinkerbell already pointed out, if a woman is successful in a particular field it might be unwise to change her name.

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No. The truth is most women do this for the sake of the family unit. I can only imagine all the stress of changing passports and legal documents. It really  isn't a fundamental part of marriages anymore now that we're in the 21st century. It's a great idea to keep your family name, just discuss it with your future husband. What ever your decision is, just keep your happiness and satisfaction a priority.

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No, women take their husband's surname because of their culture and tradition only. And some women put both surnames: her and her husband's - there is no legal bondage on this.

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This has never been the law.  It is just a custom.  In the U.S., there's no law to make you use a particular name.

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Legally?  Why would there be such a law?  I took my husbands last name by choice. After our 25 year marriage ended I elected to keep the last name as I have kids (albeit all of them are adults) with that last name. That however is a personal choice.  It's been a long time since wives were considered the property of their husbands, legally. 

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I think it's a great idea for it to be an option .. For a number of reasons.  For example .. A woman who has an established a business that has worked hard to get her name known in the business world .. Would have a lot more work to do if she were forced to change that name just because she got married.  It would obviously affect her businessness.

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