There is a female english teacher at my school, and she is beautiful in my opinion. She is a book worm type of woman, but she is gorgeous. I've got a huge crush on her... what should I do? By the way, she is not my teacher, she teaches English to freshmen.


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I think you should do as I have told you in the comment! And if you need any other advice I'm here!

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While it is nice that you have found a beautiful woman who takes your interest, unfortunately it is against the law in most countries for teachers to date their students. If their students are of the legal age of consent (16 in the UK, 18 in the US) then it may not be illegal, but it will certainly be frowned upon by the school board. A lot of schools also have this as a key condition when employing teachers, so teachers often agree not to cross that boundary in their contract. Even though you are not her student, you are still a student at her school nonetheless.

It sounds like you could be getting both her and yourself in a little bit of trouble if you decide to act on it. You don't want to do anything to jeopardise her position and you certainly don't want to get yourself suspended or expelled. So my advise is to wait until you finish school and see how you feel. It is perfectly normal to have a crush on your teacher and this usually goes away after a while.

I hope this helps.

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Thank you for the answer! Im not going to act on it now because I have a girlfriend and your right i shouldn't even do it anyway. But it would be weird for me to be friends with her as well i guess so i should just stick with people my age
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Well, the most important thing is that you are sure about your feeling that the way you feel about your teacher is just an infatuation or the state of crush. If you know that this is crush then you must also be knowing that crush takes a very small portion of our feelings. Such feelings just make us to feel good for a time being, but if they are mishandled then they can lead us to very serious problems. I think this is a natural feeling faced by most of people in various situations.

Feelings never see who the next person is but as we have the powers of thinking and taking decisions so we must get right gain at right place by these two gifts. So, if you feel like that you have certain infatuations type feelings about your teacher then do think with your mind first because this teacher-student relationship is very delicate and courteous. So, don't let these feelings to rule upon you because they will take you to some terrible situations. If you let others know about such feelings, they will of course curse you because this is a very noble relationship and one must never think about his or her teacher like this.

You must think about another aspect too and that is why are you thinking about your teacher like this. It is possibility that you are highly impressed by the personality and knowledge of your teacher but do respect your teacher instead of thinking like this. Just think about the reasons why are you thinking like this and then try to cope this type of feelings.

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