I Want To Know How To Do A Sexy Striptease For My Husband.


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Doing a sexy striptease for your husband is a great way to really turn him on. The key to a good striptease is having fun, taking it slowly, and - obviously - being a tease.

How to perform a sexy striptease in four simple steps
Step 1: Choose your outfit

The first thing to do is find a sexy outfit. Burlesque and the art of the striptease has rocketed in popularity in recent times, and this is great news for people looking for the right tantalizing outfit.
These days, everywhere from high-street kink outlets likeAnne Summers through to dedicated corset and burlesque retailers like FairyGothMother sell sext clothing.

There are three main things to remember when picking your striptease outfit:

1- Don't make it too complicated, there's no way you're going to unlace a corset in a sexy way on your first time of trying
2- Accessorize: Furs, feathers, fans and nipple tassels are all fun things to incorporate into your routine.
3- Pick your outfit according to the length of the performance you are going to give. This doesn't mean you need to start off with a three-piece suit on, but just bear in mind that you'll need to do more than slip out of some sexy underwear and dance around naked. Seamed stockings and wearing a g-string under some frilly panties are two popular burlesque tricks.

Step 2: Have fun

It's really important to remember that a striptease is supposed to be fun and cheeky - so, as with any sort of performance, wearing a big smile helps a lot. Also keep in mind that there is a good chance you will trip over your stockings, struggle getting a bustle off or run into another sort of mishap during your routine. Even the best striptease artists make mistakes, the trick is being able to shrug and laugh them off.

You may want to watch a few striptease videos to get an idea of what it's all about. Typing anything from Betty Paige to Immodesty Blaize into YouTube will give you some material to work with.

Step 3: Take it slow

Another common mistake people make when they're performing a striptease is to rush through the stripping part. The whole point of giving your man a sexy dance is to tease him into a drooling, horny stupor (OK, maybe not so much of the drooling...)

Make sure you don't reveal too much all at once, take your time and make him sweat. Rather than going for the throat, build up gradually and then finish with a big finale.

Step 4: Find the right music

Choosing the right track will depend a lot on your personal tastes. Don't go for a track that's too sexual or aggressive, find something that inspires the temptress in you. Going for some vintage-era swing or jazz is popular because it represents the golden age of burlesque, but there's no need to go down that route if that's not what you're into.
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Most men would die to have a sexy striptease for their wife or partner (or anyone for that matter) so it's great that you want to give your husband one. It's worth quickly mentioning two things.

The first is that unlike a professional striptease, your husband should be able to touch you when you are naked, but ONLY when you have finished the striptease.

Secondly, it goes without saying that male and female ideas of 'sexy' are quite different. For male views of sexy, try looking at the lingerie that women wear in men's magazines, unfortunately, THAT is the type of thing that gets men going.

  • It's important to go slowly, you want to make it linger and last as long as possible.
  • Make sure that your husband is relaxed, close the curtains and make sure you are alone!
  • Put on some sexy music, but nothing clich├ęd or cheesy, as this will spoil the moment.
  • Whatever you choose to wear, make sure it is the kind of thing that you can take off easily.
I advise that you practice the striptease before you do it for your husband, so that you know what problems you might have undressing.

You may be a little nervous, but you'll notice that your husband is very turned on.

Take your time in getting to the good bits, he will appreciate it more.

After you have finished the striptease, slowly undress your husband, without letting him touch you, and then... Well... Enjoy your evening like the adults you are.
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Thank you very much. I am looking to get a 'pole' in our bedroom. Where can i find one?
Samantha Mragerum Profile one is pretty easy to do, and there are other tips in the downbar of the video. If you dont like this one there are many more on that channel. Good luck!

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