How To Dance Sexy For A Guy?


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It's really not hard. At the very least, put a confident, sexy look in your eye and just gyrate your hips. The sexy, confident look is the most important.

If you want to go beyond that, go to youtube and search for "sexy dance." Watch how other women move their hips and shoulders, how they look at the viewer, the clothes they wear, and the music they dance to.

Get in front of as full length a mirror as you can find to practice. Start with your feet shoulder width apart, knees straight. Bend one knee, then straighten it and bend the other. Keep doing this and try to isolate your hips so that your upper body stays in place. If practicing to music, bend the knee on the beat.

Once you've got that down, start gyrating your hips in a circle, hula hoop style but slower, then go the opposite direction. Keep your ribcage in place and just focus on moving the hips. Once you've got that, try doing the figure eight:
1) twist your hips so your right hip bone is forward, only twist your hips, not your upper body
2) move hips to the right
3) twist your hips so your left hip bone is forward
4) move your hips to the left
5) repeat

Now practice the figure eight with just your shoulders, keeping the hips still.

While doing these together, bend your knees so that you slowly sink down then rise up again. If going all the way down to a crouch, you'll probably need a table or something to stabilize yourself, maybe widen your stance a bit.

When dancing for him, make sure to show him both your front and your back.

Present your breasts: Facing him, looking at him the whole time, twist your shoulders to the beat and slowly bend down from the waist, keeping your back straight, showing off cleavage, then come back up.

Twist your shoulders back and forth, bending at mid-back. Come back up.

Present your booty: Turn around so your back is to him, while gyrating or in a humping motion or still, slowly bend down, keeping your back straight (good posture), knees bent. Put your hands on your thighs, on your butt, or on a table or something in front of you. Look back at him until you're back is almost perpendicular to your legs then just let him enjoy the view.

Lap Dance : Sit in his lap and gyrate your hips. Face and straddle him, gyrate. Grind your hips as if you were on a horse. You can practice on a chair.

Squats: With your legs slightly wider than shoulder width, feet slightly turned out like this: \ /
bend your knees the same angle as your feet (avoid knee problems, popping isn't good), bend/fall all the way down to a squat, then rise up a little more slowly. Keep your back straight and your butt out. You might want to balance yourself with one hand on a thigh and the other up in the air

Practice a lot in front of a mirror to build up muscle memory, confidence, and learning to dance to the beat.

What to do with your hands:
His eyes will follow your hands when they move, so show him your curves.
Put one hand behind your head, and the other hand on your hip, elbows akimbo.
Put both hands behind your head, elbows akimbo.
Run your hands through your hair. Lift your hair to show off your neckline. Undo your hair from a bun.
Put your hands on his shoulders or run them through his hair.
Stand behind him and caress his chest, sides, and inner thigh.
Stand in front of him (also standing), front to front (one thigh between his, the other outside his), and caress his back and butt.
Get in front of him (also standing), your back to his front (a good position to present your booty), and reach back to run your fingers through his hair.
Cross your arms in front, hands on shoulders (good way to hide breasts)
Put your hands on shoulders, arms not crossed (good way to hide breasts)
Suck on your index finger. Bite the tip of your index finger or thumb.
Cup your breasts.
Caress your body.
Reach down into your pants/skirt/panties as if to fondle yourself.
Partly undress: Undo belt, remove belt, lift shirt to show the bottom of your bra, the whole bra, undo pants button, unzip zipper slowly, slip pants/skirt/panties down scandalously low, but not off depending on how far you want this dance to go.
If you ever go full monty, turn around so that he has to wait to see the goods, hide with your hands, and tantalize.

Other moves:
Shake your head, hair going wild
Lick your lips
Blow kisses
smile, pucker your lips, bite your lower lip, bit your tongue
Bring a boa (feather or snake) or big feathery fan
Moan in pleasure

Some men love it if you spank yourself, jiggle your buns, squeeze your breasts together to show off more cleavage

What to wear: Wear tight fitting clothes that show off your curves. Wear clothes that show off a lot, but not everything. Panty straps that rise above your pants/skirt just barely can be sexy. Bras seen through a sheer shirt can be sexy. If you're dancing in your underwear, wear a thong or g-string if you have a firm butt, and bikini bottoms or boy shorts if your butt and thighs are fuller. Bring attention to your neckline with a choker or lace. Eye makeup is nice, as is body spray. High heels sexily shape your calves. Buttons, zippers, and long gloves can tantalize if undone or taken off. Dangling earrings
can bring attention to your neckline, and dance with you. Avoid loose and baggy unless it is sheer.

Other advice:
It's best if he's sitting down, as you'll look taller and bustier. And he won't have to be nervous about where to stand, or anything else that arises...
Use incandescent or low lighting. Avoid bright fluorescent.
If you don't look like a supermodel, don't worry. The look in your eyes is more important than the shape of your body. And practicing a lot should help with the shape of your body anyway.
Only dance for a few minutes, like two to four minutes. More than that and he'll probably get bored if there's no change in costume...
Dance to music he likes that has an easy beat to follow.
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Jesus you're 13.
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^agreed. But I mean the title is how to dance "sexy" for a guy. This just seems like it's how to dance sexy for a guy in the bedroom....some of it is a bit risque if it's just for a dance...
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I am a 13 year old girl who wants to dance sexy for a boy I like how can I do that?

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