Ok, Sigh, How Do U Ask A Guy To Slow Dance With You?


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1)you go to the DJ, and request a slow dance
2)you go up to him, and say "hey"
3)you say, "hey ____, would you like to dance with me?"
4)if he says yes, you will have the most amazing feeling, you will be in a daze
5)if he says no, you will still be so effin' proud of yourself you will barely care about his answer
6)if you're upset that he says no, hey, it's normal, but understand that he said no because he either has his sights set, or he just doesn't appreciate what an amazing person you are
***never feel bad or depressed if he says no, just shrug it off, say "ok, I was just wondering" and walk away with your head held high

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Last night was my first slow dance with a boy and I wasn't that nervous. Just walk up to him and say "do want to dance" if he says no then find another guy to dance with
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Just go say "Hey, you want to dance?" and he will say "Yeah" or "Sure" or something

if he doesn't, then he isn't good enough for you, but he will admire your confidence of asking!
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I would just boost myself up or invite him with my friend only one other guy make sure the girls don't like him to that you invite and have a couple of drinks and then like Nike says just do it
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When a slow song comes on, ask him if he would like to dance with you. Sounds like you have to get over whatever it is that is making you so shy and that would help so much more.
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Ok so if I were to want to ask a guy to dance first of all: Be confident second of all make sure you are calm and just say... Hey I was wondering if you wanted to dance? And if he says no then just remember its his loss! :)

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