How Do You Ask Your Ex Boyfriend To A School Dance?


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Just ask him directly if he would like to go with you.
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Did someone say you were 6?

And perhaps you should care if it's a debate; respect for the site you're on, and the forums in which you contribute shows maturity and respect for other members.

And the word is "debate" not "debate".
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Whatever. like i care about my grammar...especially when writing to you. Why should you care if someone puts up a strange "d...E...bate". You don't have to answer it. So humbug...back off.
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I would ask him. See if he likes to dance. You might want to mention that mutual friends are also coming.
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Haha Don't go with him. He had his chance with you, now he doesn't deserve you.   Good luck! <3
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Go for it.If u like him and u know he still likes u then listen to your
heart not your mind.u now u can do anything if u just believe in your self.Go for it girlfriend.
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Judging by the lack of your maturity, don't bother to ask him to the dance. He won't want to go with you.

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