How Do I Get A Guy To Ask Me To Our School Dance?


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If you don't find a way to let him know your interested in him, you will never know what might have been. He could be your soulmate but without making contact, you will never know for sure.

Okay, enough for trying to build your confidence. Really, you need to find a way to let him know your interested. Use your friends to give him hints. Or have them give him a note you wrote. Once it leaves your hands it will be fate. If you really want it to happen, you will take some of these ideas and look at the opportunities you have and use the best one.

For someone who has been through all this, your best bet is to build your confidence and talk to him. You don't have to talk about anything specific and he will understand even better if you stumble over your words a bit because of being nervous. Let him know, through the conversation, that you are available and wish that someone would ask you to the dance. Open ended but make hints that you like him. Be flirtasious with him but not direct even though as a guy, I usually only understand people being direct (hint hint hint).
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Listen, I had the very same problem, but you know that there is nothing to worry about! I had a good idea and it worked last year, so I'm trying it again. Try writing a note that asks; "will you go to the dance with me?" and then put the first letter of your first and last name! THAT SIMPLE! He wont exactly know its you until, BLAM! It hits him! And he says, wow, she felt this way all along... IMA going to SAY YESH!!!
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Forget about him asking you, YOU GO ASK HIM! That's the only way to find out, and this way, you make sure that you won't keep wondering.   Good luck! <3
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First you need to start talking and flirting with him.
Then flirting a little more, you know, batting your eye lashes, playing with your hair
that should do it just be funny and bubbly and talk with him! If he has a problem, console him, if hes in a good mood, be happy with him!
Make him think of you when he thinks about when hes happiest!
Do this for any guy you want to go out with!
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If you keep thinking that way, he probably wont come back to you. You need to start it yourself. Take the first step and ask him out. I am sure he wont say no at least. And he might like you back.
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Hey! Oh my god I am in the same exact postion! I don't want to go up to him...because I'm afraid of rejection. And I'm afraid he will take it the wrong way. I honestly don't know what to do...And I'm not going to tell you to go up to him and ask him because honestly, if some1 told me tht..I'd be like ummm no! Lol ahaha:D Trust me darlin, I'm in the SAME exact position! I want him to ask me to our senior sweetheart dance coming up in February and I want him to ask me to be his valentine and I want him to ask me out or @ least talk to me on my birthday this wednesday! Ugh I'm so in love with him. Good luck
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I'm not going to make the first move ,I'm to shy!I need a better idea!
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Ask a friend to ask him for you?

Only have that as a last resort though, because it isn't very good!
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Listen I'm 13 and know everything (not really I'm just joking) but you should be confident enough in your self to know your a very beautiful person even though I don't know you every one has a great personality and maybe you should be the one to ask this guy out write him a note stick it in his locker and just be confident enough to know you'll be going to the dance with sum1 you love!!!

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