How do I ask my mum to get me a bra? I'm 13.


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Kk polly answered

Well have you ever shopped for underwear; it's kind of the same thing. Like autumn said everyone goes through this. If you want to fit yourself and buy them yourselves the cashier could care less. Even though the question seems embarrassing to you it shouldn't be awkward for your mom at all. No more awkward than asking for sanitary pads right?

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Lina Grace answered

Mom. My bras are too small (or my boobs are getting too big) and it's starting to hurt (making me uncomfortable.) One day soon can we go get a bra because I need one?

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Awesome Autumn answered

Just tell her your getting older, and as you get older you need things. In this case you need a bra. Don't feel nervous about it, every one goes through this.

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