How Do I Know When A Guy Is Going To Ask Me Out?


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He's probably as tense and nervous about it as you are. Most guys will put on the facade of calm, cool and collected around a girl he likes, but you can bet he's all sweaty palms and racing heart underneath.

Why not ask him out? You've got nothing to lose. Worst case scenario - he says no. Big deal. He's already told someone else he wants to go out with you, so it doesn't sound like you'll even have to worry about that anyway. If you feel like it's his job to ask, make a joke about it. Ask him, "are you ever going to ask me out?" Then wait for him to make the next move.

"When the time is right" doesn't really mean anything to a guy. What he really means is, "I'm too scared to ask her." In other words, he's afraid of that worst case scenario too. He's just as afraid of being rejected by you as you are of him.

As soon as one of you can get over that worry and just take the risk, you'll realize that - rejected or accepted - it will give you more confidence in yourself, and you'll feel a lot better afterwards for having taken the risk and gotten your answer.

Good luck!
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Guys are never to afraid! Check out the book "he just not that into you" it helped me with a lot of that says guys like to take control and ask you out...therefore if they aren't asking you out...they aren't worth it...good luck chika!
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When he acts unusual around you! And when he talks to you he can tend to get mumbly.....
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If he tries to get next to you a lot
and gets nervouse around you

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