How am I supposed to figure out if a guy is just using me, and how do I know if a guy cherishes and loves me? Guys in the house, how do you treat the one you love and the one you do not plan to have any future with? Be honest.


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

When a man really loves and cherishes a woman, he'll do almost anything to show and prove it to her on a daily basis. Buy her things or flowers. Take her to do things she likes and tell her that he loves her all the time.

The ones that you don't really love or want to love will get treated as such. You just ask them out occasionally and never make any type of commitment to. More like a part time friend rather than someone you wish to share your future with. Usually pretty easy to tell for men or women. You know in your heart whether this person is the one you wish to be with all the time and act accordingly .

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Rooster said it all!

I also say few simple method.

Just tell him you don't wanna see him anymore and ask him walk out of your life. If he does without fighting and making sure if you're expressing your real emotions or not. Means he don't care and if not you, then someone else and he will simply let you go without even trying. But if he stood by you and seek to find out what he has done, tried to figure out your perspective and asks for forgiveness and tries to change your mind. Means he loves you.

Ask him to give you some time while you know he's busy. If he loves you. He'll get time no matter what or how. He will!

Analyse and seem how much he puts you and your will on priority ? How much he cares for your comfort ? How much he would sacrifice his own fave,will,decision because of you ?

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