How Do I Know If A Guy Lies To Me?


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Hi I had to reply to this question: I've found in past experiences that men tend to (blow) up so to speak, when asked certain questions.. Example: You ask your man something about his where abouts because the timing does not add up and he's not called or answered his phone, and he starts getting an attitude or some even yell... Now why would someone get that upset over a mere question? Not unless you were constantly tracking his ever movement (lol) but seriously just watch the reactions you will know.. GOOD LUCK! Oh yea and (LOOKING TO THE LEFT) IS ANOTHER GOOD SIGN!
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People tend to talk faster and avoid eye contact when lying. Also, touching their faces, such as scratching their eyes, nose, etc. Also, changing the subject quickly afterwards, and laughing at suspicions of the said statement.

Pretty much, most people aren't suspicious of everything other people say to them, so, if you have a suspicion, it's a start.

Best of luck- a friend
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Really cant tell for sure
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See if he looks in ur eyes
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Simple. It's wen yu think he's lying.
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Eye movement and his lips are moving.  Nose if getting longer and gum getting blue. Check his pulse if beats faster.  If he's lying, then kick his nuts.  He'll enjoy that.
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When he says; i was just drinking beer with james and watching tv, it means he was smashing some other chick. This applies in all situations that involve a man saying something. Your a silly bitch and i want to eat you whilst squishing a goat fetus in my other hand. I love how slimy they are..
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If you suspect he's not telling the truth then you're probably right.  Your gut feeling is usually the one to go with.

There are certain things people do when they lie, they will look past you, or at the floor when you ask them something anything but look you in the eye.  Watch their body language, fidgeting, picking things up and making a show of looking at them scratching their face or anything that will show their discomfort should tell you what you need to know.

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Theres no sure way to know unless you know the person really well but you could try this if he tells you something and later on he keeps changing his story and getting distracted on wants to change the subject hes lying or just uncomfortable
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Pay attention to him. Look for details; if he likes you or not. If he acts nice around you and what you observe from him is in a loving way, 99% of the time he is a good person. You should then trust him.
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I think you can tell if he dosnt look at you straight and sort of studders or also when he fiddles with his arms and fingers and keeps looking around.

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