How Do You Know When A Guy Is Checking You Out?


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Every guy is checking you out in
some way or another. They look at every woman that crosses their path,
beautiful and ugly alike. It is only the intensity of the inspection
that will differ.

So, your question should be, how can I tell if a guy is checking me
out and may be interested in more? If you catch a guy looking at you and
he looks away, then you see him looking at you again, he's interested.
Shy guys will keep avoiding eye contact, but they're still interested.
Confident guys will maintain eye contact the second time and maybe
smile. If you smile back, you might get approached. Good luck.
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Hun, it sounds to me like he likes you.... A lot. As far as guys checking you out, it is actually kind of hard to tell when guys do that because most of them have well for lack of better terms, made an art out of it. Most of them don't' make it obvious. But it usually consist of them literally just looking you over from head to toe, but it happens quickly unless they take a second look. If the guy stares at you, he is past the checking out point, and he just loves looking at you. Hope this helps a little bit.
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Easy when you feel his eyes on you and he stares. After you catch him starring he still doesn't turn his head or drop his eyes. ;)
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Its very simple to know when a guy is checking you out......for example when the guy looks at you more than three times or when he simply just stares and turns back around as soon as you do....that's how you know when they are checking you out.....hope this helps...
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Men tend to be extremely obvious so if he's looking at you with that "I'm interested" look, then he's checking you out. Don't be afraid to make eye contact with him. Let him know you know he's looking.
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alex stiger
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yeah one time he was staring at me when i looked up at him he raised his eyebrows at me?wow! can somebody plzz tell Wat kinda sign is that
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Here are some tips until you get the gut reaction. If the guy seems to be lurking somewhere nearby all the time, he might have a crush on you. If you catch him, trying not to be seen looking at you, he might have a crush on you.  If he remembers he needs to talk to or be included in the group you are in, at various times[more than normal] he might have a crush on you, later on you will feel in your gut, someone is staring at you, or near you that has 'chemistry' with you. Then you will know.
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alex stiger
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yes You are absolutly right! when i first saw him at school , i felt some kind of weird vibe or something like he's going to be the one i married oneday when i get older? at first the stares were kinda weird cause i was like why is this guy staring at me so much.? then he would ask me for a pencil or something. i guess that i wasnt giving him a lot of attention so he started teasing, picking on me, and starting arguements with me? also he would always be in my conversation when ever i'm talking. lately its been kinda annoying, like he's been acting mean to me. everybody saids it's cause he wants my attention? now he's starting to say that i act b*tchie to him when i dont i consider that im nice to all the boys in my class? so he's saids that i act mean to him.
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When he looks at you from head to toe sometimes you don't catch that. But the reason its because he likes what he sees.
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Well ha can ask you silly or just simple questions.
He can look over at you several times and turn his head quickly when you do.
He may leave the same time with you...example: Be at the elevator, or lunch room when you are.
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If his eyes linger downward and swiftly look you up and down a few times. It sounds like he really likes you. You should ask him out.

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